The Oval Premium Booth









The booths are the most advanced on the market and are made specifically to be customisable so that the client can change all aspects from the background to the layout of images on the page, to the external skin of the booth which can be branded to your exact requirements.

The 'Magic Selfie Mirror'





These are the very best 'Magic Selfie Mirrors' on the market, and are the largest width and height available, and are packed full of amazing features that will keep you and your guests entertained, not only during your special day, but also in the weeks and months to follow....intrigued to find out more about what makes our mirrors different? Get in touch today!


Were Coming To A Town Near You


We currently have a number of Photobooths & Magic Mirrors based around the UK and are looking to add a further booth's this year. We are therefore able to cover events right around the UK whilst keeping travel costs to a minimum as we have booths in most major cities.








We         Corporate

Storybox Photobooths are built to the highest specifications and have been a roaring success not only at wedding's and party's, but also at many a Corporate do.


Our booth's, as well as creating fantastic memories for you & your hardworking staff at the companies works do,  can also do a whole lot more.


They are fully programable to allow the company to utilise the survey feature.

It’s a great feature which allows firms to gather feedback from either within their own organisation in relation to all aspect of operations or from potential clients.


This in essence is a set of multiple choice questions which are either answerable via the touchscreen or by leaving a video message. 

Click below to see one of our Magic Selfie Mirrors in action

We'll Quote You Happy!

Storybox Photobooth offers a professional service with high quality products at excellent value for money. We aim is to provide the most competitive party packages around and cater for all budgets as we appreciate the high costs that come with hosting an event.

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